Azalia Has Arrived

Azalia Has Arrived


In the heart of design, where creativity meets inspiration, Azalia was born. This vibrant collection draws its essence from the intricate patterns of vintage Moroccan tiles, creating a symphony of colours that echo the spirit of freedom and effortless elegance. Let's dive into the creation of Azalia, exploring its inspiration, the feelings it evokes, and the individuals it was designed for.



Behind the Seams

The foundation of Azalia lies in the mesmerizing beauty of Moroccan tiles. Each piece is a canvas painted with bold, bright blues reminiscent of azure skies and sunrise tangerine to mirror the warmth of summer mornings, and the debut of the Terry towelling series that adds a touch of texture and comfort. The geometric patterns and lively hues of Moroccan tiles provided a rich tapestry for the designers to weave their creativity.



By Us, For You

Azalia was meticulously crafted for those who embody a spirit of freedom, adventure, and individuality. The collection caters to the woman who seeks elegance without sacrificing comfort, someone who embraces life's vibrant moments and moves with effortless grace. The free-spirited individual finds a perfect ally in Azalia, where each piece is a celebration of personal style and the joy of self-expression.



Evoking Emotion

Wearing Azalia is not just about donning garments; it's about embodying a feeling. Picture slipping into the Trinity Maxi Dress, the fabric flowing with your every step, the tie back and brushed gold details adding a touch of erudition. Imagine the Gemma Mini Dress, where the sweetheart neckline and shaped bust panelling make you feel both charming and refined. Azalia is a collection that invites you to feel effortlessly elegant and playfully charming, whether you're by the beach or attending a special occasion.



Dress For the Occasion

Azalia is for the spirited woman who seeks a blend of style and freedom. Whether you're strolling along the beach, dancing at a summer soirée, or lounging by the pool, Azalia caters to those who appreciate the artistry of fashion and the liberation it brings. It's for the adventurous soul who wants to make a statement with every step, expressing themselves through vibrant colours, intricate patterns, and effortlessly designs.



Azalia Sunrise

The Azalia Sunrise pieces, adorned in a bright tangerine hue, are designed for those who radiate bold confidence. The Augustina Slip Maxi Dress, with its adjustable straps, low back, and silky fabrication, embodies grace and luxury. It's a statement piece for those unafraid to stand out, capturing the essence of a summer sunrise.




Azalia Resort

Azalia Resort offers an escape into relaxation and versatility. The terry towelling Simone Kaftan, Carina Playsuit, and Azalia Sarong are crafted for those who seek stylish poolside comfort. These pieces exude relaxed sophistication, providing a seamless transition from beach outings to leisurely afternoons.



Azalia is not just a collection; it's an ode to the free spirit. It's an invitation to embrace the bold, the bright, and the beautiful, allowing each individual to weave their unique story into the fabric of these bespoke bohemian designs.


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