Behind the Scenes of Odyssey

Behind the Scenes of Odyssey

Rising before the sun to head to one of the most beautiful locations the team had ever seen was definitely worth the trip. Travelling from Melbourne, Australia, our Senior Designers, Jess and Jane, and go-to photographer, Brett Goldsmith, made their way across the globe to Paros, a small Island in Greece. The team felt privileged to be shooting in such beautiful location, with the sun rising behind the white houses, dappling its light on the serene waters and casting shadows through the gorgeous architecture. Even having shot in lots of beautiful locations over the years here at Tigerlily, the team knew this was going to be something unique.

The team set to work to capture the spirit of the collection which was inspired by traditional Greek artistry, textiles and its magnificent landscape. Being the debut collection for our design team, this felt truly special for our talented designers, both who come from a Greek background. Our model and muse, Mary Vitinaros, was a natural at evoking this spirit, moving seamlessly through each shot and location.  


Setting the scene at the Cosme Hotel. Located in the soulful village of Naoussa, the jewel of Paros, the clear-blue Aegean water at its feet, beachfront Cosme, is a Luxury Resort that should be on everyone's bucket list.

Mary wear the Kephalonia Becca Dress (left) and Capri Tara Tri paired with the Capri Emerson Skirt (right).

The team roamed the streets for the picture shot, from sun soaked moments to some shaded allure.

Magical moments created, from beachside laughs to magical local finds.

Despite the inevitable heat and uninvited wind, the amazing hair and make up team, Anna & Mersina, ensured Mary looked as picture perfect all day long.

Mary wears the Monarch Liya One Piece.

Bespoke designs curated for every individual, from feature backs to two-tone textiles.

Mary wears the Rimini Collection.

A special moment finding the perfect backdrop for our best-selling Veronica Boots.

A sneak peak from the March capsule.

The talented Brett Goldsmith capturing the perfect shot.

The team were pleased to stumble upon this magnificent location, where the white-washed buildings provided an unmatched aesthetic.

Mary wears the Nosora Sloane Shirt (left) and the Babylon Edda Maxi with the Cosmic Boot (right).

A reimagined favourite and an exciting collaboration combine for 04/24.

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