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Wondering how to pick the perfect party outfit for your next rendezvous? After some thorough research, look no further, we know exactly what to do. Alike any lively event, choosing the perfect outfit is daunting and ridiculously stressful. We have rounded up the most prominent factors to consider when acquiring your festival attire, to make this a stress free and fun endeavour.

1. Location

Where is it exactly you need to be? Consider not only where your favourite stages are, and of course the bar, but consider where you will be arriving from, leaving from, eating, socialising and having a party pit stop. Will you be walking outside on muddy plains? Will you be inside a velodrome where sound may be the only pain? Is this a sweaty mosh pit situation? Is this a hillside lounging occasion? Ensuring you are dressing appropriately to be comfortable in your environment is key.

Our recommendation - prepare for the worst. No matter where the festival is, you will cannot go wrong with boots. We refuse to ruin our new white sneakers, and no matter how tall those heels could make you, you still won’t be able to see. Comfort is key, wear the boots.


2. Weather

Regardless of if the environment is primarily indoor or outdoor, the must consider climate. It is one thing to being at Coachella in the Californian sun, to being at Bluesfests mid-autumn jamboree. Make sure you keep the weather app close and check it regularly - this will save you from either sweating through your make-up or needing to make face with a head of frizz.

Our recommendation - layering. We LOVE options. We love VERSATILITY. This is why we will be layering this festival season. The thought of being able to add and subtract items makes the worry of weather fall away. It’s just a plus that then you can change your vibe as you please, a cute jacket here, fluffy sweater there. Honestly, it sounds like the ideal situation.




3. Theme

An underrated, often overlooked element of the how-to festival guide, theme. This is not only how people dress, but the vibe, the atmosphere. Think why did the event planners create this event? What do they want you to experience and feel? You must not forget to do your research and be comfortable where you will belong among the crowd. Whether you want to totally stand-out and rise against the norm, or if you want to blend like a grain of sand, you’ll need the background knowledge to navigate these wild waters.

Our recommendation - go with your gut. Perspective isn’t objective. Dress to feel confident, empowered and most importantly, to party. What would we do to feel the theme? Accessorise. We’re talking chunky belts to the bush, cowboy boots in the parklands and the biggest, funkiest earrings for the beach. Accessories can change a whole outfit! This way you can keep the comfort and still feel like your best festive connoisseur.


Feel empowered, feminine and fun this festival season with our Festival Edit. Not sure which is for you? Visit one of our boutique stylists to get your a free personalised styling experience. 

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