Unearthing  Odyssey Drop 3

Unearthing Odyssey Drop 3

The third of seven drops unfolds, revealing the 4 captivating collections and some exciting new accessories. Inspired by Greek textiles, mythology, and landscapes, this Odyssey release seamlessly blends tradition with a fresh perspective. Join us as we unveil chapter 3, exuding timeless charm and modern bohemian flair. Β 

Hydra, inspired by the necessity to have a timeless staples collection. Seamlessly pairing back with our printed tigerlily styles, Hydra is an elevated classic.

Capturing the essence of ocean waves in the Greek Islands, we present Rimini. A tie-dye collection that showcases the hues of sunset reflecting amidst the waves and mountains.

Marrying jewel and tile motifs for a modern regal aesthetic, we meet Monarch. A statement series showcasing gorgeous bespoke textiles in oceanic tones.

Drawing inspiration from the earthy hues of rugged Greek landscapes, we discover Mahi. Paisley and tile motifs combine, capturing the essence of natural beauty.

And last, but certainly not least, we discover the Axl Boot, a Western-style statement that seamlessly combines rugged charm with contemporary flair.

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