Postcards from Tigerlily • LA & NYC with Ella Cervetto

Postcards from Tigerlily • LA & NYC with Ella Cervetto


Why do you love this travel destination?

This was my first time visiting New York and LA but I have loved it. It almost feels like another world, especially in New York. Everywhere is so beautiful, endless streets of tall buildings and cute cafe spots. Not to mention the endless shopping.  



Favourite things to do there?

There were so many stores in LA we don’t have here in Australia, so I wanted to make my visit worth it! I especially loved Abercrombie & Fitch. We also visited Santa Monica pier. Despite the weather being a little chilly the beach was still packed. I loved how there was so much going on… from roller skaters to lifeguards to the gym junkies using the beach gym, to the cute little vendors selling fruit in a cup.

In NYC we spent most of our time ticking off the typical tourist landmarks. But after that we spent our time travelling to areas and testing out all the food New York has to offer.



Best place to eat and drink?

My favourite place to eat in New York was a famous spot Called Rubirosa in Soho. They are known for their tye die pizzas (vodka sauce, pesto and cheese) which are TO DIE FORRR!! 10/10. In Los Angeles we ate dinner at Steak 48 and it has to be the best steak I’ve ever had in my life. The interior was so beautiful and the staff were amazing. In typical American style they gave us complimentary warm, buttery, flakey bread to start and some gooey cookies to finish which made my night.


Any packing tips?

I like to initially grab a bunch of stuff I think I want to pack and then put it in a pile. Then I’ll one by one go through and actually think about how much I’ll be wearing it. I ask myself Is it a versatile piece and does it fit the weather conditions of where I’m going. Travel cubes from Kmart are also a must.



What’s on your travel playlist?

I’m really into listening to podcasts while I travel, I find it passes the time much faster. My current favourite is Call Her Daddy.


What are you reading/watching?

I’m currently reading Verity by Colleen Hoover. I’m a massive fan of her series. I hated reading until I found her books. I’ve also just found myself obsessed with Vanderpump Rules after listening to a podcast and it’s safe to say I’m obsessed. If you like keeping up with the Kardashians this show is right up your alley. 


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