Postcards from Tigerlily • Tahiti with Sarah Norian

Postcards from Tigerlily • Tahiti with Sarah Norian


Why do you love this travel destination?

It’s a mix of French food and tropical paradise - truly the perfect combo! The turquoise waters, over water bungalows, French Polynesian culture, black sand beaches, perfect waves, hidden coves, and massive lush green mountains make it feel out of a movie!



Favourite things to do there?

Snorkeling and diving (with sting rays, turtles, sharks), hiking, trying new food, meeting locals and hearing their stories, kayaking out to islands for lunch, sunset chasing, finding waterfalls


What’s on your travel playlist?

Island style by John cruz, Sun is Shining by Bob Marley, 2am by Slightly Stoopid



Best place to eat and drink?

    • laorana smoothie on Moorea island
    • Les Tipaniers restaurant for dinner
    • La Plague de Maui for lunch
    • Drinks at the rooftop of Les 3 Brasseurs



Any packing tips?

You don’t need much! Mosquito repellent is your best friend, bring snacks/bars because food is pricey there, a dry bag for water activities and waterfall hikes is a good move, bring your own mask, snorkel, and fins as a lot of the cool places to snorkel don’t have them to rent!


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