Tigerlily Woman #1

West Australian born model, Aude Mangharam is no stranger to the wanderlust and adventurous lifestyle.

Staring in the newly launched Tigrelily Resort’20 campaign, located in the tropical surrounds of Ewingsdale - Byron Bay, Aude sat with the Tigerlily team for an intimate Q&A.


Three words to describe you?
Adventurous, happy and bubbly.
Where is home for you?
Home for me is Perth and the gorgeous WA beaches. Even though I grew up travelling, most of my friends and family are in Perth so I love going back to see them.
Must have clothing item everyone should own?
Definitely a pair of long white flowy pants. I wear mine to death, either dress them up with a heal and cute top for dinner or down with some slides and a simple t-shirt for a summer day. So versatile.
Favourite place to be?
My favourite place to be apart from home is Belgium. I am half Belgian so whenever I go back there, it’s so lovely seeing all my family and practicing my French, as well as exploring all the places I used to love as a kid.
If you could raid one woman’s closet who would it be?
I would raid Sarah Ellen’s closet for sure! I find style very elegant, even when all she does is pair the most simple basic white tank with a flowy pant.
Something you always travel with?
I love to travel with a disposable camera. It is so easy to get caught in the trap of constantly taking photos on your phone and therefore, never actually living in the moment. At least with a disposable camera, there’s a limit of the number of photos you can take so you have to be very selective with what photos you want to take.
What was your last dream?
I can’t quite fully remember my last dream but I remember a snippet of it where I was far out in the ocean and wave after wave kept crashing down on me.
What smell do you love?
I love the smell of sunscreen! Sounds a bit strange but reminds me so much of summer and the beach. Brings back so many childhood memories.
Best holiday you’ve ever taken?
The best holiday I have experienced was definitely the trip I took to Italy. Myself and 5 other girls stayed in a classic Italian apartment just out of Sorrento. We explored the Amalfi Coast day after day, taking a boat to Capri Island and lounging on the beach in Positano. The landscapes were like nothing I had ever seen before and the locals were so lovely.