Postcards from Tigerlily • European Summer in Malta

Postcards from Tigerlily • European Summer in Malta

Postcards from Tigerlily
Why do you love this travel destination?

This place is like something from a movie. The architecture made me think I’d gone back in time and was living in a medieval city, it was spectacular. The whole island feels very relaxed and inviting which makes it the perfect destination to peacefully explore the streets and local swim spots.

Favourite things to do there?

Explore! There’s a few different places we wanted to visit and they were all special in their own way. We visited Gozo, which is an island just off the mainland. Gorgeous beaches and the perfect spot to go to access Camino and the famous Blue Lagoon. Valletta was the other must see, which is the islands capital and it’s drenched in fascinating history and culture. Surrounded by a wall built in the 1500s and filled with heritage buildings, it is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. St John’s co-Cathedral and the Barrakka Gardens were also an essential visit whilst in Valletta.


Best place to eat and drink?

We found some unbelievable food around Sliema and Saint Julian’s. Our favourite was Wigi’s Kitchen which was hands down one of the best meals I’ve ever had. It’s fine dining style without the massive price tag, a must!! For cocktails we enjoyed Bistrot and indulged in delicious tapas at Suzie Q. Lastly, Naar Restobar was another treasured visit, which holds everything from amazing coffee to delightful dinner dishes.


Any packings tips?

I had two go to vibes when in Malta. Firstly was comfort and colourful, to walk the streets of the island. These were either an intricate maxi dress or blouson style mini. Secondly, bikinis paired with a cute overswim style for any sun soaked days at the beaches.


What’s on your travel playlist?

I went for podcasts rather than music to change things up whilst in malta. I listened to lastest episodes from my faves: The Minimalists, She’s On The Money and The Hubermann Lab.

What are you reading/watching?

I read a few books in Malta, by the pool and by the beach. The new Coolleen Hoover book, Too Late was potentially the fastest I’ve ever read one! I could not put it down! I also read The No Show by Beth O’Leary which was wonderful and had a really good twist. These two made it impossible to find any Netflix time.



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