A Sun-Drenched Escape by the Sea: Exploring Odyssey IV

A Sun-Drenched Escape by the Sea: Exploring Odyssey IV

Join us as we welcome the fourth story of our Odyssey collection. Inspired by Greek textiles, mythology, and landscapes, this Odyssey release seamlessly blends tradition with a fresh perspective. Join us as we unveil chapter four, exuding sunlit charm and greek inspired colour ways.

Meet Goldie, a range drawing its essence from the storied legacy of ancient Greek pottery and clay relics. Goldie’s hand drawn design is an oasis of vibrant colours and grecian detailing.

You’ll find Greek keys and wheat shafts scattered throughout the motifs on our Goldie pieces. 

Odyssey IV transports you to a dreamscape where every day is a postcard-perfect scene, inspired by the beauty of the Greek islands. Our Goldie styles marry the warm colours of an evening sunset with the tranquil waters meeting the shores of the Greek islands.

Our Goldie swim features our classic Tri style, reimagined for enhanced coverage with reversible styling options. Crafted in a vibrant hues from sustainable materials, Goldie’s detailing is unique and intricate. Featuring a sundry of grecian details and lively colours spilled across each piece, Goldie is a Tigerlily holiday favourite.

There is something for every island adventurer in our Odyssey collection. In Edwina, you’ll notice vibrant hues reminiscent of the midday sun and meet timeless motifs inspired by ancient Greek mythology.

Unlike its counterparts, Edwina takes a departure from the purely Greek-inspired aesthetic, instead embracing the rich heritage of Tigerlily itself. Our designers have seamlessly blended traditional Tigerlily with a contemporary twist. 

The fourth story in our Odyssey tale transports you to a place where every day feels like a sun-drenched escape by the sea. Embrace the spirit of island living in style in our Odyssey IV resort pieces.

Written by Ally Jones

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