The Story of Odyssey

The Story of Odyssey

Embark on 'Odyssey', a Greek-inspired collection by Tigerlily.



Jess and Jane, the designers behind this premium launch, are the visionaries steering Tigerlily into an era of boho luxe.


Bringing a wealth of experience to the table, Jane and Jess blend contemporary design with classic Tigerlily handwriting and this debut collection reflects their dedication to shaping the brand's future while staying true to its rich heritage.



‘Odyssey’ draws its inspiration from the rich tapestry of ancient Greek textiles, patterns, motifs, mythology, folk art, and landscapes. Giving Tigerlily a fresh perspective without losing its timeless charm, this collection sets the stage for a new chapter in Tigerlily's future.



Tigerlily's in-house textile designer, Marianne, collaborates seamlessly with Jess and Jane and her exceptional print work and creativity infuse 'Odyssey' with a unique beauty. Marianne's imaginative prints tell a story of their own, creating a harmonious blend of design and textile artistry.



As the sun rises on Tigerlily's 'Odyssey' Collection, the team haven't just created clothing; they've woven a captivating narrative of Greek-inspired elegance and innovation. This launch invites fashion lovers to join us on a journey where each garment tells a story, offering a premium and relaxed take on the brand's evolution into the new year.


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