Tigerlily's Guide to Setting Your New Year's Intentions

Tigerlily's Guide to Setting Your New Year's Intentions


2024 has arrived. As we bid adieu to another year and eagerly unwrap the gift of a fresh start, it's that time to sprinkle a little magic into our lives with some New Year's Intentions.



Why Intentions Over Resolutions?

Resolutions can feel like a strict diet for your soul, while intentions are like soulful playlists that resonate with your heart's desires. Instead of chasing perfection, let's dance with the endless possibilities of good intentions.



✨ Tigerlily's Top 4 Intentions for you in 2024 ✨


Mindful Mornings: Start your day with a sprinkle of mindfulness. Whether it's sipping herbal tea, stretching, taking a moment for reflection, or just basking in the morning sun – indulge in a touch of serenity.


Gratitude: Create a gratitude jar or journal. Jot down little moments of joy, triumphs, or even lessons learned. Watch it overflow and fill with positivity throughout the year.


Social Detox: Designate one day a week to unplug. Put that phone on airplane mode, take a stroll in nature, or cosy up with a good book. Let yourself breathe without the constant buzz.


Self-Care: Bubble baths, face masks, a cosy movie night, an ocean dip mixed with the subtle art of saying no. Invest time in self-love and self-care, because you deserve it.




Embrace these intentions with open arms and let 2024 be your canvas of new and positive possibilities. Here's to a year filled with joy, growth, and a whole lot of self-love 🌟


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