Tigerlily's 2024 Intentions

Tigerlily's 2024 Intentions

As we step into the new year, our intentions focus on sustainability, community, and team well-being. From adopting eco-friendly practices to actively engaging in conservation and fostering community connections, read how we are committed to making a positive impact in 2024 and beyond.



In the spirit of embracing positive change and sustainable consumption, our first New Year's resolution centres around adopting more eco-friendly textiles in our production processes. By prioritizing environmentally conscious materials, we aim to contribute to a healthier planet and reduce our ecological footprint.



Next on our list is a commitment to actively participate in ocean conservation efforts. Currently, we've successfully diverted over 110,000 ocean bottles, and our intention is to reach an impressive goal of 500,000. This ambitious objective reflects our dedication to combating plastic pollution and safeguarding the world's oceans for future generations.



As we step into the new year, fostering a sense of community remains a key focus. Goal number three involves nurturing and expanding our community engagement efforts. By creating meaningful connections with our customers and partners, we aim to build a stronger, more supportive network around our brand.



Continuing to recognise the importance of a positive workplace culture, our final resolution is to break free from the confines of the office environment. We're determined to encourage team bonding and enhance the overall workplace atmosphere by venturing outdoors more often, trying new team activities, and thoughtfully planning regular office events.



In conclusion, these New Year's intentions represent our commitment to responsible practices, environmental consciousness, community building, and the well-being of our team. By pursuing these goals, we aspire to contribute positively to both our immediate surroundings and the broader global community.

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